Our team consists of experienced karate instructors.We all are NCCP certified and First Aid/CPR certified.

Sensei Barry Welch

Sensei Barry Welch is a fifth (Godan) degree black belt with the JKF Wado-Kai and has over 30 years of Wado experience

Sensei Nicole Levesque-Welch

Sensei Nicole Levesque-Welch is a fourth (Yondan) degree black belt with the JKF Wado-kai and has over 10 years of Wado experience.


April 24, 2017 7:09 pm

Kyu belt (colored) grading schedule

The testing schedule for colored belts will be as follows:

Little Dragons

Little Dragons will be testing during their regular classes on Saturday, May 27th, Tuesday, May 30th and Thursday, June 1st.  Please note that Little Dragons that are already a yellow belt is unable to test for orange until they move to the older class.

Remaining students

All other students that are white belt to purple belt will be testing on Saturday, May 27th at 12:45pm.

Testing fees:

White belt with black stripe to red belt (students currently white to orange belt)       $25.00

Green belt (student currently a red belt)       $35.00

Blue belt (student currently a green belt)     $40.00

Purple belt (student currently a blue belt)      $45.00

Brown belt (student currently a purple belt)     $50.00

Note:  Fees are taxes included.  Payment is due prior to the exam.


Additional note:  Testing is only opened to students that are active students.  There will be no regular classes on May 27th as the testing will take all afternoon.

February 1, 2017 9:44 pm

Dan preparation sessions for March, April and May 2017

To prepare for the May 2017 Dan Exam in Calgary, Guseikai Calgary will be hosting the following technical events:

Sunday,  March 12th, 1-3pm
Sunday, March 26th, 1-3pm
Sunday, April 23rd, 1-3pm
Sunday, May 7th, 1-3pm
Training is open to all students above green belt and mandatory to all students that purple belts and above.
All sessions will occur at the Riverpark Church. Cost per session is $25.00.  Payment by cash only.


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